Support for TOMA from West University Place

According to the West University Examiner, the West University Place City Council voted yesterday for a resolution supporting TOMA (Texas Open Meetings Act). The wording of the resolution was

“We support the fundamental proposition contained in TOMA that elected officials should not participate in closed meetings to discuss and resolve public issues. We believe that TOMA is necessary to assure the citizens of Texas that the decisions of their elected officials are made in a public meeting, properly noticed and open to the public.” 

There has been much criticism in the media directed toward the TOMA lawsuit. Very few Texas cities have joined in the lawsuit. It is possible that more city councils in Texas will follow the example set in West University Place and actually pass resolutions in support of TOMA.

West U stands for open government.” by George Boehme,, January 12, 2010. 

Council moves to support Open Meetings Act” by Steve Mark, West University Examiner, January 12, 2010. 

Open Meetings Act Fight May Affect You” by Greg Googan, My Fox Houston, January 11, 2010.

We need more transparency in government, not less” by George Boehme,, January 9, 2010.


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