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Sunshine Week

March 17, 2010

In the Pflugerville Key to the City, there was no notice that March 14-20, 2010, is Sunshine Week.  But see, for example, “Letting the Sun Shine: Promoting Open Government” by Texas State Senator Judith Zaffirini, Wilson County News, March 17, 2010.

This might be just the right time to write to the Pflugerville City Council and ask that Pflugerville be withdrawn from the TOMA (Texas Open Meeting Act) lawsuit.


Should a Petition Be Started in Pflugerville?

March 4, 2010

The Pflugerville City Council has not yet shown any inclination to withdraw Pflugerville from the lawsuit directed against TOMA (Texas Open Meetings Act).

Should Pflugerville begin to follow the kind of advice offered to cities and towns in Galveston County in The Daily News (a newspaper published in Galveston County)? In an article entitled “League isn’t worth the price,” it is advocated that cities and towns in Galveston County quit the Texas Municipal League on the basis of positions taken by this organization toward open government. It is further advocated that petitions be started if city governments do not act.